Picture this, you had a tiring day and you get in a cab. You tell them your destination and when you’re there you sort of doze off. You open your eyes to where you want to go.

But when you’re told the price, your head begins to spin and you think to yourself “It shouldn’t cost this much…should It?”. That is where this post comes in and hopefully helps avoid a lot of back and forth bickering

To say the least

Taxi Meters are notoriously big on debate and that is because of a lot of the customers don’t understand how it works. So without further ado, we’re going to clear up those misconceptions.

The little box of doom that is the Taxi Meter takes constants like time, distance and cost into account. It makes sure that neither you nor the driver gets ripped off.

Distance and Time

Combining these two things will have a significant impact on where you want to travel, some place costing more than others. Being stuck in traffic also increases the fare, however much that is will be determined by the Taxi Meter itself.

The meter uses electric pulses to measure both the distance and the time. To get the distance traveled, the meter relies on a sensor attached to the cab’s¬†transmission.

Taxi Meter, what is that gizmo??!

Inside the meter is a timer, that sends out those electrical pulses. For example, a cab might charge you based on every 100 yards (91.4 meters) of travel, but the distance meter will pulse at each yard (0.9 meters).

To deal with stop-and-go traffic, the calculations themselves are combined, counting whichever pulse — time or distance — arrives first. Remember, the pulses come more often than the actual distance or wait time.

Pick Up Fare

Every cab around you is going to have a simple pick-up fare that will be entered into the taxi meter by the driver himself. This is a set amount, and It’s something that everyone availing a cab will have to pay.

Timing plays a part too, if you get into a cab pretty late the pick up fare is higher than let’s say you getting into one in the afternoon.

There are also exceptions, like travelling to the airport from a far away location. You’ll have to pay the pickup fare as well as additional travel costs + distance fare as discussed before.

So before getting into a car, ask for your driver to show the entire trip fair to you before starting the ride. That way you can’t be swindled out of your money.

Beware of Scams

Trust us, not everyone is a saint so you need to be aware of scams around you. Especially when it comes to taxi drivers in areas you don’t know, so here are somethings to look out for.

fake taxi issues
We didn’t even need to write something for this
  • Driver takes the longer route
    Have a map with you to make sure you aren’t being fooled.
  • Drivers add additional surcharges
    They do this specifically for longer routes and put in different fair codes for each section. Have prior knowledge of the fair codes when travelling It will help a lot (they’re usually posted in the cab)

So there you have It, a few tips and you’re ready to travel wherever you please without worry of being taken advantage of. Now all you gotta do is find a taxi, and maybe we CAN HELP YOU with that too.

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