People who are starting their taxis around London should apply for their provisional taxi license before taking the car on the road.

Trust us, you don’t want to get into any trouble regarding the license, as it can have repercussions later on in your life. Making sure that you’re adequately prepared for all scenarios is a great example of a responsible driver himself, that includes having a taxi license

getting a taxi
It’s more difficult than you think

Find your Local Council

The first step you have to take is find your local council to apply for it, and you can do that easily by Clicking Here. Your Council will provide information on the fee required AND they’ll guide you on renewal procedure as well.

Below is the eligibility criteria for it

  • Legally allowed to work in the UK
  • Having held a UK/Northern Island/EU Driver’s License for a year.
  • Your background will be checked so make sure you’re not into anything shady.
  • Your council may carry out an enhanced criminal records check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
  • A medical Examination will be conducted
  • A ‘knowledge’ Test to be conducted
  • Driving Test to be conducted

License in London

The procedure is a little more taxing If you’re inside London as you’ll need to meet Transport for London (TFL) criteria to drive a taxi or a private hire vehicle.

To apply the following procedure is recommended

  • Start your Application by Registering Online
  • If you’re lived abroad and have a license from there, you’ll have to fill this form out too
  • You’ll also need to provide a photograph of yourself, dimensions of which can be found here
cost of taxi license
Cost of Application (Approximate)

We hope this information helps you out in the long run. Also wrote a detailed article on the workings of a Taxi Meter to make sure YOU are paid the amount you’re owed.

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